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Uttarakhand, a new state carved out from the erstwhile Uttar Pradesh. The formation of the new state marked the end of a long struggle of the people of Uttarakhand for a separate identity. With the formation came new challenges. The geography of the state which makes it one of the prized destinations in India's tourist circuit also has its limitations like accessibility. This and the other limitations associated with it earned the State Inhabited by Poor People" that runs on a "Money Order Economy". A limited livelihood option has forced migration of the male population disturbing the sex-ratio adversely. With only the old and the women population left behind in the villages, the challenge. A group of young students who have been a witness of this transformation decided to check this exodus of the most productive section of the community and the result was the birth of "AAGAAS" literally meaning, "Giving a Call". The call was for the community to look into their immediate surrounding and their ancestral heritage and strive towards sustainable utilization of their existing resources in an effort to revive the traditional economy.

Annual Report 2011-12


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