The beginning: District -Chamoli Uttarakhand

Chamoli district situated in the mid Himalayas is home to the Rudia Community. The Rudia's who find their place quit low in the social hierarchy have since ages providing the community wit daily house hold utility items made out of hill bamboo locally called as Ringal. they make cradles for carrying agriculture produce, cow dung etc. The craft despite having the potential was brought to limited use. With the coming of plastic and other cheap material the fate of more than 12000 artisans were left at the cross roads.

In order to revive the craft and most of all to bring back the pride the ringal artisan.

The call to find a solution to counter this situation led to the formation of a federation of Artisans of Chamoli district in the year 2000, in the formative years the federation started with only three groups by the year 2002 when the federation was formally registered it has a 38groups consisting of more than 270 people, as the work of the federation is expanding new groups are being developed and included in the federation.

The Journey so far Revival of the Ringal Crafts

The neglect of the traditional raft and the limited use that it was put to have gradually depleted the craft, a gradual but steady decline in the work force engaged in the craft further worsened the situation. Efforts were required to bring back the pride of being a ringal artisan. The situation demanded improving the quality of products and also assuring a constant demand of the product to keep the artisans engaged in a profitable venture.

To insure this effort were made in different directions, design development workshops were conducted to develop market friendly product line, R&D efforts were made to streamline the production line and to reduce the time in the labor intensive part of the production, and liasoning were established with the market channels on the famous Badrinath-Yatra-Route for marketing of the products. The efforts put in started yielding results and orders started coming in, more and more artisans groups were engaged in the process.

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