Mission & Vision Statement

Building upon the indigenous systems of community towards successful ecologically and economically viable livelihood systems by judicial management of the existing resource base of the community.

Revival of the Ringal or Hill Bamboo Craft
Chamoli district situated in the mid Himalayas is home to the Rudia Community. Since ages the Rudia's have provided the community with house hold utility items made out of hill bamboo, locally called as Ringal. With diminishing markets for such produce and the competition from plastics and other cheap materials, the fate of more than 12,000 artisans was left at the crossroads.
To revive the craft, and most of all to bring back the pride of the Ringal artisan led to the formation of a Federation of Artisans in Chamoli district in the year 2000. The federation started with only three groups. By the year 2002, when the federation was formally registered, it had 38 groups consisting of more than 270 people. As the work of the federation expands, new groups are being developed and included in the federation.
The need of the hour is to improve the Quality of the products and also ensure stable market linkages to keep the artisans engaged in a profitable venture. To ensure this, AAGAAS has facilitated design development workshops to develop market friendly products, conducted R&D to streamline the production line and reduce the time and drudgery in production. Linkages have been established on the famous Shree Badrinath-pilgrimage-route for marketing of the Ringal products. The efforts put in have started yielding results and with increasing production orders coming in, more and more artisans groups are joining in this initiative.
Natural Fiber based product development
The District has a good resource base of Natural Fibers such as Agave sisalana, Stinging Nettle, Industrial Hemp etc. These fibers have been brought to limited use by the local weaving community of Bhotias who have traditionally worked with wool.

AAGAAS is working with the weaver community on Research & Development aimed at developing new product lines from these natural fibers. It is hoped that with constant material research and design and technical up-gradation efforts, the mountain community will expand their market base in new markets for eco-textiles and souvenirs.

Resource Regeneration
As these crafts are based on the availability of raw material, it was felt that resource regeneration should go simultaneously with other development activities as the natural resources will face pressure in the near future. The craft community and also the agrarian community are being mobilized to develop community based nurseries to address the issue of sustainable utilization of existing resource base. The hill bamboo flowering cycles are also being studied for optimal utilization.

Promotion of Biotourism/Ecotourism-
The federation is working for the promotion of Biotourism/Ecotourism based activities in Central Himalayan region since last ten years. We organized following training programme-
i) Low altitude trekking tours- 2 to 7 days (minimum 10 participants, budget negotiable)
ii) Basic rock climbing course 5 to 7 days (minimum 10 participants, budget negotiable)
iii) High altitude trekking tours- 10 to 15 days (minimum 10 participants, budget negotiable)
iv) Environment education excursion tours- 5 days (minimum 10 participants, budget negotiable)

Organization have established first Biotourism park of the State which is also affiliated with National Adventure Foundation New Delhi (HIMADRI Biotourism Centre Pipalkoti)

We conduct and organize adventure tour program for school children, corporates, private companies and institutions. (Adventure equipments- Rucksack, tents, sleeping bag, rock climbing kits are also available which will be provided to the trainees during training program).

AAGAAS promotes ecotourism as a livelihood alternative for the rural communities, providing opportunities for tourists and visitors to experience first hand the sights and sounds of the natural environs.

Other services -

> Consultancy on Field surveys and photo documentation of developmental projects.
> Marketing linkages and networking
> Research & Development linkages for rural issues.
> Ecotourism, tour guides and instructors,
> Volunteers for folk media campaign
> Voluntary services during natural calamities and emergency.
> Nursery experts for community managed nurseries
> Micro planning and PRA trainers
> Trainers for formation, coordination and bank linkages of SHGs.
> DPR and EIA Preparations of Developmental projects.
> Trainers for Peer education and awareness generation related to HIV/AIDS.


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